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      Worry Free Boating allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your hard earned investment. The freedom and peace of mind to know that your boat is ready to go, when you are, without all of the phone calls, follow ups and mix ups in between.  We perform and oversee all maintenance, repairs and improvements from start to finish, giving you one trusted point of contact and rapid response time. We have management programs for all size yachts, including charter boat operations.

     Here's a story about one of our satisfied customersLet us take the hassle out of owning a boat in Kona, Hawaii.

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Fractional Boat Ownership

     The basic concept of fractional ownership is based on bringing like-minded individuals together to purchase large capital outlay assets typically with high maintenance expenses, time consuming management responsibilities and sometimes high depreciation rates. When proper systems are in place and expectations are set from the beginning, fractional ownership arrangements work out very nicely for the customer. One of the biggest perks to fractional ownership is the ability to get much more asset for the money.

      When you consider you can buy a luxury 46' Release sportfishing yacht from Pacific Boats & Yachts, LLC. for the price of something roughly half that size, you start to appreciate this ownership model. Typical yacht owners only use their boats around 20 days per year and with this single share you would have 30 days at your disposal. Now consider taking all the headaches of typical yacht ownership out of the equation such as hiring a captain and crew, paying marina fees, handling taxes, keeping the yacht clean and making sure that all of the subcontractors you hire are doing their jobs and not just taking your money. Oh yeah, and did we forget about those high insurance premiums or minimal coverage many owners have to deal with? Oil changes, tank cleanings and the list goes on and on. Forget about it, you will never have to deal with any of that again! Now with the offerings of a professional yacht brokerage and fractional yacht ownership company, you can live that luxury yachting life with the ease that you have been dreaming of for decades.

      The history behind fractional ownership is long, however it was not until the late 1980's when NetJets paved the way for fractional ownership in Jets that this concept really started making sense. With the luxury of today's technology, companies can take advantage of the internet to logically handle all aspects of this kind of asset management. A professional management company like Pacific Boats & Yachts, LLC can assure easy and flexible scheduling of customers' time on the water. With a simple way to schedule time, customers are now finding fractional ownership much more appealing than in previous years.

THE BASICS of Fractional Boat Ownership

     A fractional boat ownership plan offers a realistically priced means of enjoying time on the water. As with all fractional plans, you purchase a share of the asset and are thus allocated an amount of usage time. This is an ideal way to make the most of both your time and your money. An additional advantage comes in the form of managed maintenance. Fractional boat plans include a monthly fee that covers -

  • A cleaning and valet service
  • Mechanical maintenance and upkeep
  • Insurance
  • Mooring and dockage
  • A crew for larger yachts
  • Administration
  • Emergency assistance


     As well as the initial acquisition cost which pays for the purchase of the boat, there are two more payments that owners need to make. A monthly fee covers the cost of the services outlined above. This is divided between the members of the plan, and varies according to how many owners there are and the size of their respective shares. The size and type of boat is also a factor - larger craft will attract a higher mooring and maintenance fee. The individual owners are also responsible for the cost of fuel used during their time onboard.

Usage and Time

      Many fractional boat ownership plans are set up as LLCs (Limited Liability Company) in the USA. This means an individual owner of a particular vessel is only liable for the money they invest. Boats are typically available to owners for 35 - 40 weeks a year. The other 12 - 17 weeks are needed for maintenance of the vessel. During this period, there is also the opportunity for people who couldn't use their allotted time to still make use of the boat.
      The plans themselves usually run for between 5 - 10 years. At the end of this period the boat is sold and the proceeds divided up amongst the owners.

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